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Invest in the Terra Beata vineyard and gain access to our holiday homes placed between the vines. Investments start at only €240

Thank you for taking the interest in our premium vineyard in Abruzzo. Abruzzo is one of the most breathtaking and unspoiled parts of Italy, just 1½ hour drive east of historical Rome.

We learned, that many wine enthusiasts would appreciate the opportunity to become an Investor in a vineyard in Italy and this way be part of the great world of Italian wines. We found a way to fulfill this dream. Not only will you be getting your own personalized wines, but you will also be able to spend your holidays here.

This business setup will meet the interest of all sizes of investors, as we offer 3 different ways to invest in our vineyard. The concept is to sell the vines in bundles of 6. This equals a yearly return of 12 bottles of wine. You will own your share of the vineyard forever. Replacement of vines due to aging is part of Terra Beata operational costs.

Below the 3 different sizes of investments in our vineyard:

  1. Invest in vines and get access to our winery B&B at a reduced price.
  2. Invest in vines and a shared holiday home (25 shares per home)
  3. Invest in vines and get your own private holiday home  in the middle of the vineyards

The concept:

  • A vineyard of 1 hectare has between 2500-3000 vines depending on the variety.
  • 1 vine including land, espalier and labor work is priced at €40
  • Terra Beata sells the vines and every autumn we plant what was sold during the past 12 months.
  • Investors are obliged to buy 2 bottles of wine per year per vine in which they have invested.
  • Investors only pay production costs for each bottle of wine. Estimated cost per year is €5-10 per bottle depending on the quality of the wine you select. Investors will be able to choose between classic or reserve qualities. As we only will produce the best possible quality we estimate that each wine would be sold in wine store at an estimated price of €20 to €40 per bottle.
  • A yearly fee per vine will be paid to cover the costs of labor work in the vineyard. The fee is set at €4 per vine covering approximately 10 minutes of labor work per year.
  • Investors will have access to holiday homes placed in the vineyards or our winery B&B, depending on the what kind of investment has been made (1,2 or 3)
  • You will automatically be a Gold member of Terra Beata wine club. Here you will find other great Italian wines are sold at cellar price + administration fee.

More information about Abruzzo further down or click here

Below more information:

Come to Italy on your holiday to stay in your own vineyard. Terra Beata has created a completely new concept within the wine business. We will buy small pieces of land with a building permit. The land will be turned into a small vineyard and the building into a holiday home.  Each piece of land will produce a unique wine, which the investors will buy at production costs. Some investors will only invest in vines on the parcel whereas others also will invest in the holiday home placed in the middle of the vineyard. For investors who only invest in vines, you are most welcome to stay at our winery B&B which will be available at reduced prices.

Why are the investors different in sizes? We see different sizes of investors. Some will buy 6 or 12 vines for their own private joy, others 60 or even 120 vines. But we also predict some investors buying 600, 1200 or all the plants on one single plot of land. Large investors could be people who want to sell the wines in a restaurant or wine shop or use them as company representative gifts. This kind of investors will have a unique wine to sell or give away. If it is sold the margin could be very high. Another type of investor could be private people or companies who wants a private holiday home for themselves or as a holiday home for employees in a beautiful plot of land in the middle of mountains, next to the largest nature park of Europe, not far from Rome, The Adriatic Sea or Abruzzo’s many ski resorts. In common for all opportunities, is that you will have no obligations in terms of administration or maintenance. This will be handled by Terra Beata administration department.

Creating the spot. As a vine takes 2 or 3 years to grow big enough to produce good quality grapes, Terra Beata has agreed with one of the best producers in Abruzzo to produce similar quality wine as we will be making for future vintages. This winery, which was awarded winery of the year in 2018, at one of the World largest international wine tastings and will supply us a similar wines to the investors at a good price. When we start to harvest our own grapes the same winery will advise us how to produce the best possible quality. There will be no shortcuts.

Become a part vineyard owner

To invest you need to buy a minimum of 6 vines. Each vine has a price of €40. Every year we expect a yield of 2 bottle per vine, which will be sold to you for a price that equals our cost of production. It is your decision whether your grapes will be used for classic or reserve wine quality.